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Choose Your Adventure Type Before You Choose Your Vehicle

Choose Your Adventure Type Before You Choose Your Vehicle

Different vehicles thrive at various forms of adventure. Some are terrific on technical trails, while others aren't. Those who excel in extreme sports will struggle on the road or when touring long distances.

It is a rule of life. No single tool can handle every job flawlessly. As a result, you select your truck based on the type of driving and off-roading you intend to do.

What Sort of Adventures Do You Want to Go On? How Do You Decide?

Research is the only way to fully know what types of adventuring you enjoy the most without actually going out and having hands-on experience.

Investigate the internet and your own personality. Are you the type of person who craves adrenaline? Or a more laid-back individual who enjoys to lounge over a fire while admiring the scenery? Videos of other people's exploits might also help you determine whether you enjoy certain forms of driving.

For example, do you think it's pointless to observe someone overcoming impossible obstacles? Or do you want to give it a shot? Knowing what appeals to you is an important standard to establish when purchasing a vehicle. You do face the risk of making the incorrect decision if you don't.

Different Truck Types for Different People

We offer three different truck types: fully equipped solid axle off-roaders, slightly softer IFS vehicles that are usually used for overlanding, and crossovers that operate best on paved surfaces and simple trails. Remember that, if constructed properly, a solid axle vehicle will be able to perform on the road as well as do everything the others can do off-road. Although it won't be as comfy, you'll still reach the trail.

Crossovers and IFS vehicles, however, are unable to do off-road tasks as well as solid axle vehicles. There is a case to be made that a solid axle vehicle has the capacity to handle all forms of transportation. You are left with the IFS truck or the cross-over if you are confident that you won't encounter any difficult tracks while adventuring.

The cross-over will work just fine for folks who merely intend to travel down some dirt roads to an easily accessible campsite. It's a car that drives well on the road, is roomy and affordable, and can take you down some easy trails.

People who enjoy traveling to more remote locations but are not interested in the rough terrain that solid axle trucks can handle should opt for an IFS truck with an appropriate low range.

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