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Lifetime Warranty Policy

At Miolle we take great pride in the quality of the Recovery Gear.
Miolle Lifetime Warranty Policy

Effective Date: [2019.01.01]

Thank you for choosing Miolle! We are committed to providing you with high-quality products and excellent customer service. We are pleased to offer a Lifetime Warranty to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind. This Lifetime Warranty applies to Miolle recovery gear products and covers manufacturing defects and malfunctions under normal use conditions.

We cannot accept the return of any Product that has been used, unless it is defective and returned in accordance with the procedure outlined above.
If a Product is returned in the following condition/s, this warranty will not apply.


  1. Warranty Coverage: The Lifetime Warranty covers the original purchaser ("you") of the Miolle product ("Product") for the duration of your ownership. The warranty applies to manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship that occur during normal use of the Product. This includes defects such as cracks, breaks, or other structural failures that impede the functionality of the Product.
  2. Warranty Exclusions: The Lifetime Warranty does not cover the following:  
  1. a) Damage caused by misuse, abuse, or improper installation.
  2. b) Normal wear and tear, including scratches, dents, or cosmetic damage that does not affect the Product's functionality.
  3. c) Damage caused by accidents, unauthorized repairs, or modifications.
  4. d) Damage resulting from natural disasters, fire, theft, or acts of God.
  5. e) Products purchased from unauthorized sellers or resellers.
  6. f) Is found, upon inspection by us or on our behalf, to be not defective as claimed, or failure was due to non-compliance with the Product's "Instructions for Use" (including but not limited to, for example, burning, melting or breaking of the Product/s caused by spinning tire/s; or damage caused by using the Product/s on sharp edges)


  1. Warranty Claim Process: To initiate a warranty claim, please follow these steps: a) Contact our customer service department at [insert customer service contact details] and provide the following information:
    • Your name, contact information, and proof of purchase.
    • A) detailed description of the issue or defect.
    • b) Our customer service representative will guide you through the warranty claim process and may request additional information or evidence if necessary.
    • c) If your warranty claim is approved, we will, at our discretion, repair or replace the defective Product with an equivalent or similar model. If the specific model is no longer available, we may provide a comparable replacement.
    • d) Any shipping costs associated with returning the defective Product to us for inspection or repair will be your responsibility.
  1. Disclaimer of Liability: Our liability under this Lifetime Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective Product as described above. In no event shall Miolle or its affiliates be liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the use of the Product.
  2. Transferability: The Lifetime Warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the original purchaser of the Product. It is not applicable to second-hand or resold products.
  3. Governing Law: This Lifetime Warranty shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Canada.

Miolle reserves the right to amend or modify this Lifetime Warranty policy at any time without prior notice. The version of the warranty policy in effect at the time of your original purchase shall govern your rights and responsibilities. For any questions or concerns regarding the Lifetime Warranty, please contact our customer service department.

Please retain your proof of purchase and any relevant documentation for warranty claims.

Thank you for choosing Miolle. We appreciate your trust in our products, and we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction with our Lifetime Warranty.

Activated within 30 days of purchase

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