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How To Choose Best Quality Kinetic Recovery Rope

Google and Amazon are swamped with similar Off-roading Recovery Gear. But how to secure yourself and get product that corresponds with your criteria and expectations?

      To illustrate, some sellers like to claim, ‘Our rope/strap rated 50000lbs Maximum Breaking Strength’. They are just trying to play with big numbers to attract customers. However, “Maximum” breaking strength is not the same as Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS). To put it as simple example, let’s imagine that you have a rope with a 50000 lbs “Maximum” breaking strength this means the rope could break at any point from 0 lbs to claimed 50000lbs. But when you see a Minimum Breaking Strength of 50000lbs, it means that this rope will break minimum at 50000 lbs.

 When you know MBS, you could figure out the actual Working load limit. Usually just take MBS and subtract its number by 3. WLL number should be close to your gross vehicle weight.

Although, their prices are usually cheaper because they are using low price as a tool to compel costumers.

But what about the quality? How do they manage to sell the same quality items for a cheaper price?

If the price is reduced significantly than this cost adds up somewhere. Of course, if they are not here for bankruptcy. Consequently, they are using cheaper material, low quality machineries, misleading information to build the products. All that explains the low price. Of course, they are not planning to stay on the market for a long time. Just enough, to rip the benefits. 

So, what should you do to not fall into the trap?

First thing is to look at the Brand’s registered location. That will give you a peace of mind that North American Brands most likely will have Product Liability Insurance which covers USA-Canadian customers. Registered seller spent money and time to complete this extra step. Brand name products demonstrate sellers’ intention to stay on the marker and maintain long-term relationships with their customers. It means they are willing to provide you with the best quality to ensure you return to them and spread the word about their product.

Second step is to look at their social media proofs such as website, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok page. Answer this question to yourself, ‘Is the seller knowledgeable enough, does he/she have enough competence about the product he/she is selling?

Do your proper research before buying so not to be disappointed at the end. 

Here at Miolle we are not only selling top notch quality products, but we are offroad enthusiast ourselves. We are here to provide transparent comprehensive information about the product to make offroad experience as pleasurable as possible. We are consumer-quality- oriented. Our costumers love the quality, and we love our customers.  


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