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How to select your recovery rope - Miolle

How to select your recovery rope

As a rule of thumb, select a recovery rope rated to at least 2-3 times your vehicles Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). Your vehicles GVM is often printed on the sticker inside your vehicles door.
As an example, common 4x4 vehicles such as a Nissan Patrol, Toyota Landcruiser, Jeep will have a GVM of ~7200 lbs. Many of the popular dual cab utes like the D-Max, Hilux or Ranger are around the 6600 lbs rating.
(7/8") recovery rope achieves a rating of 29,300 lbs which suits the majority of users including those towing a van or boat. For people running massive trucks or those who just don't want to mess around, the 38mm (1-1/4") recovery rope has you covered. This rope is so strong it can be used to recover mining equipment and industrial trucks, ideal for military applications.
Recovery Rope Features:
- Minimum 30% stretch via a double braided nylon rope
- Rope eye protection coatings as standard to increase durability
Good resistance to UV, abrasion and chemicals
- Includes 2 soft shackles and carry bag
- Each rope clearly labelled with rating not seen on cheap inferior products


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