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Improving your 4x4 Seats

Improving your 4x4 Seats

We frequently improve our 4x4s, from the wheels and tires to the engine and exterior features, as we are avid adventurers. But when was the last time someone mentioned upgrading the seats in their 4WD? While seat modifications are prevalent in the world of sports cars, they are rarely made in the 4WD community.

Provides More Lateral Support

Aftermarket seats have larger side bolsters that assist you stay in your seat when driving on a bumpy track. This can even be considered a safety benefit because your mind is focused on driving rather than remaining seated.

Larger side bolsters are also useful for maneuvering around corners. Sure, you won't be making rapid turns in a 4WD, but with so much body roll, having seats that can support you in the corners will provide for a much more comfortable driving experience.

A high-quality seat will include adjustable bolstering to ensure that everyone is comfortable without feeling pressed or unsupported.

You Get Adjustable Lumbar Support

There are many automobiles that have adjustable lumbar support seats; nevertheless, they rarely feel comfortable because the support is adjusted using rods inside the seat. Air may be used to alter good quality aftermarket seats; simply grip the small squeeze device and inflate the seats to your favorite lumbar support position.

Anyone who suffers from back discomfort will recognize the importance of strong lumbar support on lengthy driving days, as it may transform a grueling trip into an enjoyable few hours on the road.

Adjustable Thigh Support is a Significant Benefit

Some aftermarket seats can even give thigh support by having an adjustable base that can be modified shorter or longer based on your need.

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