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Miolle USA Spectra Soft Shackles, What the Difference?

Miolle USA Spectra Soft Shackles, What the Difference?

At Miolle we are manufacturing the highest possible quality Soft Shackles using USA Spectra® Fiber.

You might say, no way, it’s impossible, real Spectra fiber only manufactured in USA.

Let me explain how it works in our days. The fact is 95% of the biggest corporations from the North America and Europe are moved their manufacturing facilities to Asia. Nowadays, China is the second largest exporter of Spectra fiber worldwide. And, big multinationals conglomerate corporations such as Honeywell had launched their franchise in Shanghai China back in 1935’s.

There should be no such issue as “it’s not made in USA”, because most of the products that we are using in everyday basis were made in China.

Honeywell Spectra® fiber provides lightweight, dependable strength in demanding applications. Produced using a patented gel-spinning process, it is:

  • A bright white polyethylene fiber with high resistance to chemicals, water and ultraviolet light
  • 15X stronger than steel and 40 percent stronger than aramid fiber
  • Capable of withstanding high-load strain-rate velocity

Spectra fiber offers several benefits for rope and cordage applications:

  • High strength-to-size ratio, allowing for lighter weight ropes that are easier to handle and maneuver
  • Hydrophobic, so ropes will not absorb moisture or deteriorate in water
  • Naturally buoyant, making it ideal for various marine and offshore uses
  • No corrosion, superior chemical resistance, increased abrasion resistance and excellent flex fatigue, meaning products last longer and maintenance costs are lower

As a Canadian Established company, we have a big experience in researching, developing and manufacturing off-roading recovery gear. Top quality production line with European machineries giving the best possible quality have industry experience of 10 years. Known manufacturing and a quality procedure as an experts.

To deliver BEST quality and Value to our customers we are using the most trustable and reliable manufacturing facilities.

AS an Experts in manufacturing and off-roading we have a Trademark, Lifetime Warranty and Product liability Insurance.

BE AWARE of false statements by no name brands.

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