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Tips for Off-Road Packing 2023

Tips for Off-Road Packing 2023

Packing for a road vacation is not the same as packing for off-roading. On the trails, things get flung around, and nothing stays where or as you left it.

Bring the most frequently used items 

Things like your table should be placed last inside the automobile since what goes last comes out first. Taking the table out without first removing other objects guarantees that you have a place for everything.

Do not stack glasses

Putting all of your dishes or cups in the same spot without protection can result in them shattering on corrugated roads or taking unexpected blows. To offer some cushioning, place something soft between them or cover them in towels.

Remove everything from your vehicle

If you are unhappy with your current configuration, unpack and repack everything. After you've removed everything from the car, take a quick glance around and get rid of everything you don't need. You'll be astonished by how many unnecessary items you've been lugging about with you!


Sort your things alphabetically from A to D. "A" should be the items you need to have close at hand, such as torches, your phone, and insect spray. Clothing, toothbrush, ax, or camping equipment are examples of "B" things. "C" is everything buried beneath B, such as tools that aren't always needed; hence, digging for them is acceptable when they are. "D" refers to the final goods that are available in case you require them, such as extra parts. Put them at an awkward location since they are rarely used.


All supplies, such as a first aid box, fire extinguisher, or satellite phone, should be kept visible so that they may be found if needed.

If you are hurt, your passenger should be able to locate the first aid box without having to ask. People frequently keep these items in inaccessible locations because they assume they will never need them. If you do, you'll wish it was in a better location.

Maintain a low center of gravity

Mounting full jerry cans on top of your car adds weight up high and increases the likelihood of your vehicle turning over. Try installing them at the back to save weight, or upgrading to a larger fuel tank.

Strap Everything Down

Strap your belongings in the back of your pickup truck. You don't want to arrive at camp without a tent.

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