About Us

Hi there! My name is ANTON GALLIAM and I’m a founder of Miolle Ultimate Recovery Gear. Let me tell you my story and plunge you into the exciting journey.

As a child I found my inspiration in helping others, even if they didn’t ask for it). So, that’s where my passion has started to grow from.

My child’s dream was to become a professional lifeguard, and work for Ministry of Emergency Situation helping people to get out from emergency situations safely and fast. After completing my Secondary Diploma, I went to university to get my degree in safety engineering and start changing the world. I have graduated successful however due to unpredictable circumstances my lifeguard dream was never meant to happen, Ouch!

This was a sign for me that I needed to start changing my prospective without quitting my dedication for helping others.

Like most of the teenagers I was into cars. I had a special place in my heart for big cars which were specifically used for overlanding. Of course, what’s not to like about them, they are big and awesome, you can go wherever way you want to as you can easily excess any of the unbeatable roads. If you guys into off road, you know exactly what I am talking about here!

Later on, I met a couple of guys who were already in off-roading, they took me for an unforgettable ride, and I absolutely fall in love with that experience. However, our journey wasn’t completely smooth as we got tucked. We didn’t have a tool to get us out, and we were stuck in the middle of nowhere. Lucky for us, another off-road enthusiast was driving by, and the guy pulled us out using an American made recovery rope, damn that was an easy and soft pull! I asked him what that rope had cost him, he replied ‘’ 260$usd’’, I was shocked, what 260$ bucks?!That was too expensive.
I did my thorough research and found out that you could find a pretty much same rope or even higher quality for much less, and that was my AHA moment!

I began working on developing best quality kinetic recovery rope.
What I found out was that Nylon 66 was the best option for smoothest jerks, and Spectra Fiber was the toughest synthetic fiber. With the combination of that knowledge, I sourced the best possible manufacturers around the world. Finally chose one and didn’t fail. European machineries, official partnership with Honeywell Spectra, affordable price and main thing is the amazing quality. So, that’s where Miolle journey has be