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About Us

Welcome to MiolleGear!

Hey, I'm Anton Galliam, the brains behind Miolle, and I'm stoked to take you on a ride through our story—where passion, setbacks, and a bit of off-road fun collide.

As a kid, I was all about helping others, and my dream? Being a lifeguard. Fast forward to finishing my Secondary Diploma and diving into safety engineering at university. Lifeguard gig? Didn't pan out, life's funny that way!

So, what's a guy with a knack for helping folks do? Change perspectives without giving up the mission. And that's where cars and off-roading came into play. I had a thing for big, badass overlanding vehicles. You know the ones – they can handle any road, no matter how wild.

Cue the turning point – got stuck in the middle of nowhere during an off-road adventure. No tools, no way out. But a fellow off-road junkie comes to the rescue with an American-made recovery rope. Smooth pull, easy peasy. Only catch? He drops the bomb that it cost him $260. What?! Too pricey.

So, I did some digging, found out I could get the same or even better quality without breaking the bank. That was my lightbulb moment!

I got to work on crafting the best dang kinetic recovery rope out there. After a bit of research, turns out Nylon 66 gives the smoothest jerks, and Spectra Fiber is a beast for the soft shackles. Found some top-notch manufacturers around the globe, and voila, Miolle was born.

Here at Miolle, we're all about providing kick-ass recovery gear that won't drain your wallet. No fancy Euro machines or big names – just good stuff that works when you need it.

Join us on this wild ride as we keep pushing the boundaries of recovery gear. Thanks for rolling with MiolleGear!

Anton Galliam Founder, Miolle Ultimate Recovery Gear

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