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Become a Miolle Ambassador


What is the benefits to be Miolle ambassador?

Depends on your networking skills and social media presence you could expect the following:

  1. Hourly wage: When attending product launches or promotions, it is typical for brand ambassadors to be paid according to the time commitment. From 15$ per our.

  2. Commission: you'll be paid according to how many leads and new customers you introduce to the company or according to website or amazon store traffic. You will earn a percentage of the sales generated from your online platforms as well. Starting from 5% to 25%

  3. Salary: Depending on job responsibilities, qualifications, time commitment and contract stipulations you may be hire a full time ambassador. 

We are what you want in a company, a fun, high quality, hard working, positive, reasonably priced, extreme, honest, innovative, and new age technology based company that provides kick ass Recovery Gear to those who like to take the road! Whether you’re racing competitively off-road, hitting the trails, or just trying to stand out from your followers/friends, we are a supportive company and community that will give you exactly what you need.

We are looking for long-term brand ambassadors that are able to influence, represent and recommend our brand/product to consumers.

We are looking for individuals who have a strong presence within their off-road community, club, and especially, within their online social media outlets. The more variety and experience you have with various promoting on social media outlets the better. Examples of this include videos, reviews, quality photography, articles, etc., while using your own YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, blogs/vlogs, twitter etc. 


Brand ambassadors must be adept at communication and have the ability to network like a professional. Brand ambassadors must often work to maintain the relationship between the brand and customer, and brand and partners or associate brands. A brand ambassador's primary goal is to increase brand awareness and sales through such things as:

  • Positively representing the brand in a myriad of settings though action and demeanor
  • Cooperating and assisting in content creation (blogs, posts, reviews, product promotion)
  • Utilizing word of mouth marketing to help naturally generate brand awareness
  • Promoting the brand on social media platforms
  • Participating in product and event marketing such as launches and demonstrations
  • Communicating with consumers on product feedback and listening for recommendations
  • Being an opinion leader and expert on product

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